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Book Dressing

Because book characters need more love

Book Characters Dressing Room
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Game Info

Your character has arrived in what seems like a giant library.
Maybe there was an explosion back in your own world. Maybe you tripped over something. Maybe you just woke up here.
Whatever it was, you're stuck in the library now. You'll have everything you need, for free.
Food, shelter, entertainment, anything you can imagine...

Except for weapons. You'll also find that if you try to hurt someone you simply won't be able to touch them (but you'll still have any weapons you came with). It's called the Anti Violence Field. However, there are some places the field is weakened, and you will be able to get hurt.

The library is a relatively safe place... but sometimes odd things happen, like things from books coming out and wreaking havoc.

A note on magic:
Any magic that is based on a specific place, such as the Charter from the Old Kingdom trilogy, won't work. Magic that is contained within a person will still be there, but they won't be able to use it to hurt people. The Library will make up for anything that ran on place based magic that not having would really suck, like making Lirael's hand work.

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If you'd like to affiliate with us, please send a PM to ennalyra.


1. Be nice!
Nobody likes a meanie face.

2. There are no apps.
Just join and post.

3. Only novel characters please.
Edit: Characters from graphic novels, comic series, plays, musicals and fairytales are allowed too.

4. Don't get butthurt.
It's only a game.

5. Please keep the characters from huge book fandoms to a minimum.
We don't want this to turn into Twilight Dressing, Harry Potter dressing, or Twilight Characters Fighting Harry Potter Characters Dressing.

6. Ask the mun.
Want to break the Anti Violence Field? Ask the other mun. Wanna kill a character? Ask the mun. Whatever, we don't care, but just ask.

8. No OCs!
OCs can be all well and good, but they're not allowed here. Take them somewhere else.

9. Character limit
Pfft, what character limit? Lots of characters are encouraged. It makes things more fun.